Ride the change you want to see !

Electric Micro-mobility enables the pollution less and jam free place, you want your state to be.

Join the movement !

John Lennon once imagined a world without pollution and traffic jams. We at jum are hustling to make that possible.

We integrated Smartlock IOT + Electric Bikes & Kick-Scooters + a ride sharing application, so that you can be a superhero and save your town and city from the evils of pollution & traffic jams.

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Here's how to JUM

Take a deep breath. Imagine a better world. And, go JUM.

Step 1.

Download the JUM app from the Appstore or Playstore
Look out for the closest bike/scooter near you or locate the jum dock nearby.

Step 2.

Scan the QR Code in the vehicle to unlock
Don't wanna scan. No problem. Type the QR Code
number in the vehicle to unlock.

Step 3.

Enjoy the JUM ride. Feel the thrill. Follow the trafffic rules
Park responsibly & lock the smartlock to end the ride.
Park preferably at the JUM dock, so other riders can locate vehicles easily!




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We love your feedback and work on them. Here's what our riders have to say :

Waqar Ahmed

I once used JUM for my daily commute of 10 km and arrive to my office quicker, happier, and more awake than when I took my car – and without a drop of sweat!

Dhruv Jyoti Mech

With JUM, I got my groceries, ran errands, and enjoyed the fresh air while avoiding traffic and parking. The ease and reliability has made JUM a must need. Please launch in Guwahati asap !

Aman Tamang

I wish i had JUM, in my college days. I would have attended more classes and labs!

Kunal Debbarma

The quality and constant maintenance of the JUM bikes makes me feel safe when I’m riding. I feel like I am on my own personal bike.

Kishu Kumar Singh

CMO, Chakra Farms

Eco friendly and first time in Sikkim. It was an thrilling experience with JUM MILE!

Pratap Sharma

I am a Mountain Bike lover but , it used to get harder pedaling uphill. JUM made it easier to go uphills. Good job, you folks at JUM !

Introducing JUM MILE

MILE is a British manufactured 250 W, 25 km/hr E-Bike that is gonna zoom you uphill and on straight roads with Pedal Assist and Throttle. Is it a cycle? Is it a scooter? Its both and more.


We offer the cheapest rate which is more economical for small distances than taxis and ride hailing cabs.

Just top up the wallet directly from your debit/credit card and you're ready to JUM. No hold charges, no hassles! We use Stripe for payment processing, so be assured that your money is safe and protected from fraud.

Frequently asked questions

These questions will clear your doubt.

What is JUM?

JUM is a Micro Mobility Platform service with a mission to solve first mile, last mile and short distance commute problem in urban cities and doing so in a sustainable manner by providing smart IOT based electric cycles. Commuting via JUM will not only help you save your time by providing you an escape from the traffic congestions but also controls air pollution, thereby making your city a better place to live in.

How does JUM work?

JUM uses MILE electric cycles which are custom designed for Indian roads and fitted with a secure lock system. Each vehicle is integrated with a smartphone app which gives you, as a rider, better access, and convenience to take a ride right when you need it.To ensure convenience and better accessibility, we have created designated JUM Docks in your cities. A JUM electric cycle can be picked up from anywhere in the city but must be dropped at JUM docks only. An active ride will not end outside a JUM Dock zone.

Creating your account :


Once you've downloaded the JUM app, you will need to create a personal JUM Acccount. To get set up all you need is a local phone number.
Enter your phone number and request a verification code. Enter the verification code to successfully create your account.

Adding a Payment Method :

Before you can ride, you will need to add a payment method. Depending on your location, both credit card or debit card can work.

Keeping Track :

Now that you're riding, you might want to keep track of your account. On the map page, tap the top left icon to enter your profile.


In the App:

When you open the Jum app to the map page, you can see the MILE'S located nearby. If you cannot see your location pin, there is a button on the bottom right of the screen that will re-calibrate your location. Click on a MILE nearby to see how far away it is.

On the Street:

The MILE's reported location system might be influenced by your surroundings, therefore its actual location may be slightly different from what is shown in the app.

Difficulty Unlocking:

If you are having trouble unlocking a MILE, please ensure your phone has a data connection. Double-check your JUM app settings.
If you are still unable to unlock a bike, please report the issue to your local support team. This can be done directly in-app, by clicking the HELP icon.

Unable to End Trip :

Please make sure to manually close the lock at the end of every trip.
If the trip doesn't end after locking, please report the issue directly in-app. It helps if you are able to attach a photo of the closed lock. Our team will then be able to end the trip on your behalf.



'Pay as you go' rides are calculated depending on the amount of time you ride.
To unlock an MILE an amount of 10 will be charged, in addition to the charge per minute (1 rupee per minute).

When am I charged?

Unlocking the bike starts the counter for payment, and the counter will stop when you manually lock the cycle. Unlocking the same cycle after locking will start a new Trip.
You won't be charged if you cancel the ride within 2 mins after unlocking a Yoda.

Park it right

Responsible use :

Please abide by local laws and regulations when enjoying MILE.
Ensure you are not obstructing pedestrians or traffic. Park at JUM dock station.
If you see bad parking, please help to set a good example for others. Report it in-app, and if you are able, move the cycle to a suitable location.

Still have questions?

Still having doubts. Contact Us, we're here for you.

About our company

JUM is an ambitious place but a humble one too. If you like solving hard & fundamental problems facing common people and want to solve it at scale using tech, jum.bike is the place to be.


As much as we love cars, deep down we know it is the reason why there are so many accidents, too much pollution and unbearable traffic jams. But for first mile - last mile connectivity and small distances, electric micro-mobility is the better solution to our commute needs. We want to enable that in as much cities and towns possible, and do our bit to improve the world.


Culture is very important at JUM, we are open minded, dogged people ready to charge at issues that needs to be solved.
We believe in " Falling in love with the problem and not the solution as the solution can chop and change over time ".

If you feel you can contribute to us in any way possible, write to us at : milan@jum.bike or go the Contact us page

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